Our Story

Our Purpose

Our passion is to see people`s broken life transformed into a beautiful story where Life flourishes. We believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ invites us to discover and to embrace the depth, the pain and the beauty of our humanity - as well as the reality, the power and the glory of a divine perspective. We understand our spiritual journey as a progressive transformation when God and self are both deeply embarrassed. We know that beyond the severity of brokenness, a path of Hope, Faith and Love may reveal a ` here and yet-to-come` Redemption. We are challenged to remember that His up-side-down Kingdom where strength is found in weakness and where power is found in surrender is first revealed to the little ones of this world, especially to children.

Our mission 

is to walk alongside broken lives, so the gift of our presence may be an opportunity to:

  • share a bold love
  • foster a community of trust and authenticity
  • engage the impact of trauma and abuse in the human heart
  • listen, grow and share with others our story in a way that facilitate the transformation and hope of the Gospel.

Our Journey

Born in France in the `80s, we (Ruth and Sylvain) spent nearly half of our life in Albania.

Since our first visit in 1999, in the context of the Kosovo war, we have experienced this country as a place of continual transition, from the poorest country of Europe to a modern and leading country in the Balkans. In the midst of a harsh environment, life is joyfully celebrated – but not without a high level of ambivalence at the social, material and spiritual levels.

On a personal side, our journey is a hand to hand commitment to each other and with each other. We have learn to address our own brokenness, both at individual level as well as a couple. We are aware that an awakened heart and a redeemed story are not given for our benefit alone, but as a gift of grace to equip us to reveal God`s glory and to advance His Kingdom.

Ruth & Sylvain


Beyond its education in a business school in Lyon and a master in Project Management in Socio-Medical Institutions, Sylvain`s heart was caught by children in needs, here in Albania. In 1999, Sylvain discovered the hard reality of refugees’ camps during Kosovo war, and then progressively get involved with orphans and street children in Tirana. Over 15 years, his day-to-day engagement with a Roma community and extreme poverty challenged and enriched his worldview as well as its spiritual journey. Sylvain loves to explore … with people walking through brokenness.


Trained as a primary school teacher, Ruth`s passion is about children and teaching. Albania was the place to invite her to get specialized for children in need. Ruth has a master’s in child Protection and is specializing in Children Trauma and Psychological Care. She loves to facilitate training for those working with children in need, combining the Gospel, Children Development and Psychological Support.

Our Values

  • Children in the midst
  • From Brokenness to Wholeness
  • Theology & Psychology
  • We continually progress with theologs and with psychologist in order to bring a solid understanding human sciences, best practices and spiritual life. Between academic preparation and a on-the-field presence, we have developed a on the way of spiritual growth.